Janis Boscarello

As a Psychic Medium,

it is my life purpose to help people go through the grieving process of losing a loved one. It is a blessing and an honor to share evidential information for you to feel some peace and joy. ~Janis Boscarello


medium janis boscarello


What is SPIRITNUS? I had a strong connection with a Higher Source one night. Have you ever wondered why we grieve so strongly when we lose someone we love so deeply? For me It took a long time to understand my grief of my mother’s transitioning to the other side.  Understanding how we connect with our loved ones is what brought me to this point in my life. I feel we have an IMPRINT of them in our Souls and them on us.  What does that mean? If you think about it the psyche is the center of one’s Soul, and the inner workings of our physical body. It holds the Soul’s journey towards enlightenment. Each event and experience we have with someone are recorded and becomes IMPRINTED in our soul’s. Our heart breaks, our mind can’t understand the pain of losing that special person in your life. In my experience with losing my Mother this is what I feel, you miss their laughter, joy, life events that continue to move on in your life that they have left you with. That imprint of their life with you in you.

The imprint of my mother was her laughter I can still hear today. The feeling I have in my soul when I receive signs from her. The deep feeling in my heart, mind and soul that is imprinted in me that she is ok, and she wants nothing but happiness for her family she has left behind. You see we are a Soul having a human experience here in what I call Earth School. I love and honor my Soul and my connection to the other side and my loved ones. Believe in the connection you have with your loved ones. The heartache you have is real and you should honor your feelings always. Everyone grieves in their own way. Take your time and breathe through it. They want us to live and move through the pain in your soul. Then smile when you remember their laugh, their silliness in life. Remember all the things and events they enjoyed with you.

Life is wonderful when we can remember the SPIRITNUS!!!