Love Notes

Here's what a few clients had to say about my readings.


"Janis is beautifully connected with those across the veil: loved ones, angels, guides and ascended masters. She brings comfort to those in hopes of connecting with their loved ones with a unique gift of evidential mediumship. With years of experience and a kind heart, the combination is extraordinary for a fantastic reading. I’m so grateful I have crossed paths with her, you will be too. Enjoy."


Beth Carlton
North Carolina

"I had the pleasure of meeting Janis before she moved to Newnan. We did a group reading and it was phenomenal! She told me things that I didn't even know about my grandfather and later after doing some research I was stunned. I have witnessed her help so many people find closure. I recently lost my husband and she knew things that nobody would know and has continued to help guide me on this new journey in life. She truly has a gift but most of all, she is the kindest, most heartfelt person I've ever met and I'm happy to call her my friend!"


Renea Carl

"What can I say about Janis? She is the kindest person I know. Her ability is absolutely amazing. I was very skeptical when she told me I needed some Wild Orange essential oil. What I thought. I did as instructed and I am now Wellness Advocate with doTERRA talk about a complete lifestyle switch! Her guidance over the years for me and my family has been invaluable. If you have any questions about her ability, put them out of your mind. This is the real thing, and you need to talk to her as soon as you can. There is nothing but love and light under God's protection in all she does, and I HIGHLY RECOMMEND her to all of my friends, clients, and family. Just talk to her and you will feel the peace she brings to all of us."


Taña Lee 

"I met Janis at the end of the Christmas holidays in 2015. My husband had passed away earlier in the year, and I set up an appointment with her to see what might happen. The resulting meeting was nothing short of miraculous! I had never laid eyes on this lady before let alone have her know anything about me. The information that she gave me regarding the “love of my life” was the consoling factor that I needed to carry me forward in life. I now am able to recognize the signs around me that confirm that he is with me and contributing to my decisions. I will be forever grateful to Janis for the help she has given me, the new outlook on moving forward and the advice on how to be aware of my own spiritual and psychic abilities. Thank you, Janis, for all that you do for all of us!!"



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