Reading Suggestions

Please review this list to ensure you know what to expect.

Guidelines for a Reading

1) Because so many of us are communicating virtually, it is important to be in a space with no distractions from anyone or anything during your reading. Some people only have privacy in their vehicle, closet, bathroom, etc. I am fine with this, if my client is. If you will be in your vehicle, it must be parked and in a safe place during the whole reading.

2) Before your reading, please be prepared with no devices other than the device you will be using for your virtual reading. You may want to have a pen and paper ready for notes. You may record the audio; however, no video recording is allowed during your reading.

3) It is so important to keep an open mind during your reading. You may want to hear from a grandmother, grandfather, or a friend. It might even be a loved one you never knew in your lifetime here in the physical world. Spirit talks, I listen!

4) A day before your reading sit in a quiet place and talk to your loved ones in the Spirit world. Ask them questions, let them know you want to hear from them. Trust me they hear you! Remember I have no control over the Spirit world or what message will come through for you. I do believe in divine timing. Be ready for your reading let go of all worries, by opening your mind, body and soul for an amazing experience with spirit. Having closure helps us heal. Please drink plenty of water and rest.

5) Clairsentience is the ability to feel energy or a clear feeling. I am Clairsentient (possess the ability to feel and sense things). During your reading, there’s so many different messages that will come through for you. For me, it is like looking through a veil when I see Spirit. When I feel Spirit or have a knowing of what they want me to say, it is like you putting a puzzle together or playing charades. They share all kinds of wonderful images. It could be names, numbers, places and events. Sometimes they want to share when they were younger or older in life.

6) I look forward to connecting with your Loved Ones, Angels, or Spirit Guides. I always stay in the wonderful light of Jesus and all the heavenly energies that are so near to us all the time. Trust that your loved ones want the best for you here in the physical world.

7) After your reading take some time to go back over your notes or recording. Really just sit in the moment and understand that your loved ones want you to be happy and to know they are always near when you need them. You will never not grieve for them, but you will get to where you can remember all the memories that are so dear to your heart.


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