Psychic/Medium Readings

Psychic/Medium Readings

A Psychic/Mediumship reading is a way to connect you with your family and friends in the spirit world. As a medium, I have no control over who comes in for you, but the messages will be meaningful to you and help you have some insight and closure. If you want to connect with your loved ones in the spirit world, this is the reading for you.  It’s important to remain open to the messages you receive and have no expectations! Your loved ones will show me signs, symbols and messages in many different ways.  Watch for events on Facebook, too.


Call or email me to book a reading at a time that best fits your schedule.

To make it easier on my clients, you can go ahead and pay for your reading through the Website, and then reach out to me directly to schedule your reading time and date.  I look forward to hearing from you! XOXO ~Janis